The blog within (6).

With so many things going wrong around the world, one may have the right to feel hopeless. And hopelessness, a huge word as it is, may not completely define our sensation, for the fixing of our  convulsed world will need more than our individual and particular will and helping hand.

I believe that this may be the feeling of millions, but last week I had the privilege a listening to the answer of a wise man when asked about this matter, therefore a share his view, complimented with some ideas of my own.

It is true that many things have been going wrong and will continue to go wrong, but our minds have been bombarded with too much information feeding our morbid curiosity.  If you stop for a moment and take a good look around, if you concentrate on everything good that is going on and count your many blessings, as small as they may seem, you will find that your world is a good place.  Because God wanted it to be good.

I had written the first few paragraphs of this post before Sunday’s happenings, with which a great deal of us felt overjoyed. And then I stumbled with this: do not rejoice when your enemy falls, and do not let your heart be glad when he stumbles. -Prov 24:17. Tough ey?…

Anyways, I have been debating with the idea of publishing the blog within every other Tuesday, but decided not to skip this particular one.   And I truly recommend each and everyone to keep their own happiness/blessing journal. It is a just a sentence or even a word. You’ll be surprised on your infinite blessings.

  1. A sunny day.
  2. A rainy day.
  3. Good health.
  4. Moving out; moving forward.
  5. Short weeks.
  6. Long weekends.
  7. Motherhood.
  8. Online shopping.
  9. Credit cards
  10. Uninterrupted sleep.
  11. A job well done.
  12. A good laugh.
  13. Dancing stupid, like no one is watching.

Last but not least, I share with you this quote. One that Sharon found somewhere:

Thank You, God, for giving me lot more than my share. Thank You, for the little things that often come our way, the things we take for granted, but don’t mention when we pray. Last but not least, thank You for the miracles we are much too blind to see!

4 Responses to “The blog within (6).”
  1. Pachy Read says:


  2. I must say I just love this general Tuesday reading. I determined it as a statutory recital to remind me that ordinary people choose to make its life extraordinary by tagging their small moments as special, amazing and remarkable ones. That said, and since counting your blessings is the equivalent of being thankful notwithstanding the ongoing unfortunate events, I allow myself to say there will never be enough “Tuesdays” to count your past week blessings provided that there´s always a reason to be thankful.

    Avoiding your Tuesday rule, on a Wednesday I´m thankful for:

    1. My best friend and hero, my mom; her happiness and her unconditional love and support (which I will learn to appreciate and value once I am a mother, -Rebeca says)
    2. The everyday free BREATH
    3. Loving and feeling loved by the same person (not always coincide)
    4. Dorixina relax that soothes migraine during my sleep
    5. Friendship (old, new, circumstantial, future) and those friends that don’t fit within the definition of “friend” nor “family” and at the same time may be old, new, circumstantial and future

    Gratitude is so amazing, that allows you to turn enough into more; denial into acceptance; confusion to clarity; problems to experience and experience to power.

  3. Joanna says:

    Wow!! Just today as I was enjoying a nice cup of tea, there was a quote hanging from the tea bag that said: ‘you can run after satisfaction, but satisfaction must come from within’….what do you think about that Soul Sista? 😉

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